Friday, April 20, 2007

I Am SO ready for a WEEKEND!

And so are the boys!
Tim has been gone all week, school is quite challenging right now because, of course, at the end of the year you are trying to fit in all the usual subjects, and then try to do just a few more supplemental activities. John has a couple of projects that he wants to do, I would really like to finish this little writing program that we just started, we need to get out in the yard and have a Science lesson, and Brendan and Paul need to get to their Thank-You notes!

Funny thing happened with my little plants in the peat-pots. See, I was trying to be smart and label the plants with labels that wouldn't come off or get lost. So I wrote the name of the seed right on the pot in permanent marker. Well, that marker is permanent on most things, but it's not guaranteed against soaking water 24 hours a day. As the peat pots are kept wet all the time, the marker has disappeared!
So now we will have a wonderful lesson on plant identification based on the leaves of our little plants. At least I kept all the seed packets! I need to know what they are so that when I plant the boxes they don't all come up in odd places and with all the tall ones in front or something.

I think we are in for a warmer weekend and I am hoping to get a lot done out there. The front yard looks like a hayfield.
Tim is planning to get the rest of the sub-floor down this weekend and maybe we will go and buy the stuff for the ceiling. I'll have to post lots of pictures.

Well, I am going to go be a big meanie and go make John finish his math. He is getting close to the end of the book! He hasn't had a problem with any of the concepts this year. Saxon is redeeming itself with me this year.

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Laura said...

Saxon will never redeem itself to me.