Thursday, April 19, 2007

A few more feathered friends...and a furry one.

Well, the weather is getting a bit better and we are starting to see more of the birds that we usually see in the warmer months.
Brendan's all time favorite is the Blue Jay. They have been all over the backyard. They aren't very brave around here, and they usually eat from the ground feeder or under the squirrel feeder. They are so flashy! We really enjoy them.

The boys also spotted a Goldfinch in winter plumage. John said he looked almost Green.

Then the other day I had a treat! I got to see our local Cooper's Hawk hunting across the street.
What a gorgeous bird! He spends a lot of time over there and this time was rewarded with a meal!And then we have the pesky squirrels. They are forever trying to find ways to beat us at the game of feeding the birds.
Judy M gave me a tip that may just work. You put a slinky, yes a metal slinky, around the pole and the little critters can't climb up. Well. We shall see. It will be fun to watch anyway.

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Laura said...

You can tell Brendan that the Blue Jay is Andrew's favorite bird too! It's his lucky bird- he sent me a text message on our wedding day that said, "I just saw a Blue Jay- everything is going to be perfect!" My favorite bird is the flamingo. I rarely see them at the birdfeeder, but when I do, it's a real treat!