Monday, April 30, 2007

I found some muscles...

....that I had no idea I had!
What an unbelievably exhausting day!!
School went very well and I'm glad we got it done.
So, the stone showed up at 1:30. The driver who delivered it was very nice and did a great job of dumping it perfectly on the tarp I had put down! Really made me think of Dan and how he thinks!
So then I layed out the weed barrier, which is probably unnecessary because I dug up all the grass, and it's going to be one tough weed that can get up through all the stuff we put down! I had to put bricks around the outside to edge it and since I didn't have enough, I had to steal them from beside the driveway. Tim says he'll get more tomorrow after work.
Then it was hauling the stone dust up the yard, setting the stones, which are just beautiful, by the way, and settling them in place. Then I had to dig out a little more of the cursed grass! I really hate that!
Lemar, our next door neighbor, came over and carried a whole bunch of stone from the tarp up the hill. I thanked him and he said "It's better than looking at four walls"
He is taking the train out west on Wednesday to see Dean in SF. I am so glad he is going. He'll have so much fun!

So after about 4 1/2 hours and maybe a pulled back, I have a little stone terrace in the front.
I am going to get my pots up from the back and fill them with flowers, and get a bird bath.
then I will have a pretty, colorful area to look at out the front window.
When Tim got home he put the rest of the path down. We have to do the steps yet, but it is going to be so nice not to have all that mud when it rains!
Then we can work our way gradually around the other side as we have time.
Tomorrow I just have to finish raking all the dirt up out of the lawn and I might try to mow.
Then it's done for the moment and that's the last big project that I HAD to finish before Lucy gets here and I go away for a week! I am so glad that it's where it needs to be!

I'll post pictures tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! You got the stone today. I mentioned things looking really nice yesterday and I was looking at sand? Of course! Oh, well, pardon me. The area looked nice even before the stone. You do neat work.
Now we can look forward to seeing the stone.
Don't work too hard!
I won't sign my name. I'm too embarrassed!!

Laura said...

LOL, that previous comment.
Lemar is going to SAN FRANCISCO? Is that what I should assume by SF? Wow! He will have fun. I'm glad he's going!
I can't wait to see all your rocks! I know Lucy's first trip to Grandma's will register shock and awe on her little face over the beauty of your front yard!

Tricia said...

I can't wait to see pics! This is what I want to do to an area off of my back deck--but I'm scared. LOL