Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We're very, very busy...

I feel like I have been living the song "Busy, busy,busy"!

We had such a day today! Productive, but head-spinningly busy!

We started out with school in the kitchen, because of a burned-out fluorescent bulb in the school-room that Tim had to replace. This actually worked out well because I had to get a meal together for a family that has a new baby. So I cooked and helped the boys with their work. I was also trying to make arrangements on the phone for several events that are coming up.
We had to get school done by 1:30, which is getting to be more and more of a challenge as the year grinds on.

I had to deliver the meal to Forest Hill, about 40 minutes away, so I didn't cook the chicken, just got it ready to cook. I made the Pilaf and the Green Beans and baked the brownies though. We all piled into the van at 2:00 and drove to the Plate's house. They were out but they have an Au Paire for the time-being and she was there to receive the meal. Only problem was, she is from Paraguay and speaks no English, so when I couldn't explain that the food needed to be refrigerated until it was time to cook it, I went in and made it at home in the fridge. Paula is a very sweet girl and they are very lucky to have her. They are also very lucky that they are all fluent in Spanish!

So from Casa de Plate' we went down to Greenspring Garden Supply so that I could look at the stone that I want to use in the front for a small terrace. It was threatening rain, but we got there in time. The stone is really beautiful! I am excited about what it will do for the front. It will be delivered Monday and I will take lots of pictures as we do our project. I also ordered a yard of Stone dust to put under it to level and secure it. We will have to get some bigger pieces for the steps that will go down the hill. I almost choked when I found out what this was all going to cost and the delivery fee, but it's rock for heaven's sake, it will be around forever!
And that didn't keep me from going to the greenhouse to buy a Honeysuckle plant to climb up the trellis that Judy gave us. It will be really beautiful when it blooms!
After we left the Nursery I realized that we had enough time for me to stop at the MVA and renew my license. Well, not terribly entertaining on the best day, but the boys did have fun playing with the eye tester and asking tons of questions. And I have a new license.
Now I can drive with impunity until 2013!

When we got home the sky was really gray! I put the pot with the plant out in the back and then went in with the intention of starting dinner. It wasn't raining yet. The lawn was in desperate need. I thought I could just get the front done in time. So I got the mower out, and checked the gas. It looked pretty low, but I figured there would be enough to do the front. That beastly thing started right up and I got the front done. Well, it still had gas so I figures I'd do as much of the back as the fuel and weather would allow. I'm turning into my father. I love mowing though so I just kept going and I finished!

Ok so then I went in to start dinner...
I put it in the oven and then I had just enough time to put my plant in the ground!


Oh and as bonus we saw this little guy out on the Mamosa!
These birds are so much fun!

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Laura said...

You are such a busy litle bee! I can't wait to see your flagstone. We will be down the weekend of une 2nd, and I expect lemonade on the terrace!!
I get to see you all tomorrow! But not Tim... :-( Soon I will see him too!