Sunday, April 15, 2007

Miraculous Music

What an unbelievable and incredible evening we had last night!
Tim and I went up to Philaldelphia to see Andre Rieu in concert for my birthday.
What a very special time it was.
He is just a wonderful performer and has added some amazingly gifted vocalists to his show.
The Platin Tenors....mmmm...oh I can't even begin to describe the sounds that were coming out of those guys. If you want a sample, you can see them here.
I think Andre Rieu is doing something for music that isn't happening many other places.
He is vital, fun, charismatic and so talented. More importantly he truly loves the music, especially the beautiful compositions of Johann Strauss.
The music is so alive and real. I think there are not many artists with such a devotion to keeping the music of the Masters alive for the future. He travels constantly. His orchestra is comprised of mostly young talent, although I recognized a few of the musicians that were with him at least ten years ago. The vocalists are singing pieces from operas and classical compositions that have the ring of the past, and yet one of the sopranos, an award winning young lady from Australia, all of twenty years old, sang "Wishing..." from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom". There were several contemporary arrangements and even a bit of musical comedy.
The audience was so great! One of the neat things about these concerts is the way Rieu encourages audience participation. The Waltzes are always enjoyed by any couple that wants to take to the floor. One couple that was there last night had to have had 140 years between them. They danced like they were in their 20s. They moved across the floor as one person and it just brought tears to my eyes to see them swirling and just glowing!
At the end there must have been about 10 encores and we were all standing and the people down in front were right up against the stage. Older people and children all dancing and laughing, then they played "America the Beautiful " and we all sang along. WOW. And then "Amazing Grace" with a flute, the violin and bagpipes. Well, I was totally overwhelmed!
It was just an amazing evening with my very best friend! Thanks to Nina for watching the boys til Midnight!

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